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FIFA vice president Sheikh Salman told the AP on Wednesday that "in three years we would be bankrupt" if Infantino was able to lavish extra cash on poe currency federations while the governing body is struggling financially. FIFA will be required to dip into cash reserves of $1.523 billion as it faces a deficit forecast to be $560 million in the 2015-18 World Cup cycle, according to Sheikh Salman.

"Once FIFA's image and reputation has been rebuilt it will be easier to generate more revenue and have more funds at our disposal for development of football, which is what FIFA should do to start with," Infantino said, in response to Sheikh Salman, in an interview in Zurich

As European soccer's top administrator, Infantino ensured UEFA not only weathered the worst of the post-2008 global financial crisis but almost tripled revenue."If there is one thing I know about it is figures," said Infantino, who has been at UEFA since 2000 and general secretary since 2009. "

I know how much it costs to organize a World Cup because I know how much it costs to organize the Euros. I know how much it costs to run an administration like FIFA because I know how much it costs to run the administration of UEFA and it's a similar size."When I propose these things and when I propose these development funds and grants, not only am I sure and confident it can be delivered but this will be easy to deliver. When you poe marketplace generate only $5 billion to distribute $1.2 or $1.3 billion is easy.

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