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Blatter announced his FIFA 18 Coins

Blatter announced his planned resignation on June 2, the day after FIFA and Valcke's role in the affair was revealed.Blatter has said FIFA's troubles stem from the December 2010 decision to award Russia and Qatar hosting rights to  the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, respectively. Valcke has been blamed for urging 




FIFA in 2008 to run a dual bidding contest, in order to secure long-term commercial security amid the economic downturn. FIFA president hopeful Prince Ali predicts 'catastrophe' for world football if he is not chosen to replace Sepp Blatter | Daily Mail Online.




FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali of Jordan has claimed that it will be a 'catastrophe' for world football if he does not win the race to succeed Sepp Blatter.Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein insists he is the only one of the five candidates who can restore FIFA's reputation and will this week embark on a series of meetings to try to convince England, the other home nations and Ireland, of his credentials.The prince, who condemned Blatter and Michel Platini as 'totally irresponsible' over the £1.3million payment that led to eight-year bans for the pair, said 




English football has a 'moral aspect' that fits in with his approach. Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein arrives at Portcullis House in London where he launched his FIFA presidential bid Prince Ali (left) said it would be a catastrophe for Buy FUT Coins if things did not 'go the right way' in the electionPrince Ali launched his new manifesto in London ahead of the presidential election on February 26, and announced that he wants to bring in tougher new rules on World Cup bidding, similar to that used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).'

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