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But I still have a good rapport with Platini. Basically, I get on with everyone.'Infantino, who has four daughters, added: 'The future of football belongs to Soul Worker Dzenai women.' Infantino distanced himself from Sepp Blatter, whose ban meant he was not able to attend the opening BARFTAS' worst films and actors of the year are revealed with Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy | Daily Mail Online.

The great and the good of Hollywood get ready to celebrate the very best of film at the Oscars tomorrow night – so it’s only right to shame the worst as well.That’s just what the British Academy of Rubbish Films and Terrible Acting (Barftas) have done, singling out the most terrible films and performances from the last year.Johnny Depp.

Tom Hardy and Simon Pegg are among this year’s ‘winners’ in what is described as the British answer to the Razzies.And there was even a special award for Tim Roth for his performance as disgraced former FIFA President Sepp Blatter in the massive flop United Passions, which took just $918 at the US box office, the worst in its history. Scroll down for video Johnny Depp was named Worst Actor at the Barftas for his performance in Mordecai, pictured

Tom Hardy won the Worst Accent Award at the Buy SW Dzenai Barftas for his portrayal of the Kray twins in Legend, pictured, specifically for voicing Ronnie, right, 'like the love-child of Alan Partridge and Dick Emery' Simon Pegg's Absolutely Anything, pictured, also starring Kate Beckinsale and the Monty Python cast, in which he has the power to do anything he likes, was named the

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