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Football agents are the softest targets of RS gold

Football agents are the softest targets of all,’ Stein said. ‘They are not perceived as doing very much for their money.‘There are 2,000 intermediaries knocking around.‘What the public don’t see is the guy who has got two or three clients, who is on the phone every day, trying to get his players a club. The buy OSRS gold guy who is sticking with them when they’ve fallen out of the Premier.


League, fallen out of the Championship, maybe fallen out of the league, earning a couple of grand for a deal, being effectively almost like a double-glazing salesman, punting his stuff around door to door and not getting anything at all. That they don’t see.‘These are the grassroots of the agency business, working in the grassroots of football and doing a lot of good.’


 But there's another side to the agents industry, away from Mino Raiola and Jorge Mendes RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Romelu Lukaku leaving Everton could net Mino Raiola another... Arsenal's 2002 Premier League title winners earned an... Mino Raiola insists his £41m cut from Paul Pogba's move from... Paul Pogba will not be affected by FIFA investigation into... Share this article Share FIFA urged to BAN Christian players from making cross sign | Daily Mail Online.


FIFA has been urged to ban Christian players from making the sign big online shop of the cross after scoring a goal. A Muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Alarefe called on football's governing body to write it into the game's laws that players be prohibited from tapping their stomach, chest, left shoulder then right shoulder to make a cross.Alarefe, who is professor of religion at King Saud University in Riyadh, posted the controversial call on Twitter to his 17.4million followers, but he was quickly flooded with messages disagreeing with him.

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