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Given the power gap OSRS Mobile Gold

Given the power gap between the Xbox Scorpio and the OSRS Mobile Gold PS4 Pro, this isn't really unexpected, but it remains to be seen if the average consumer will be able to notice any significant differences. Gamers also have to think about which platform will offer the most complete version of a game, with Sony locking down exclusive content for Destiny 2 and timed exclusive content for CoD WW2. He also teased the Xbox E3 2017 conference, confirming that he'd run through the entire presentation and that is should be "a great day".


Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, now working on multiplayer FPS Lawbreakers at his studio Boss Key Productions, briefly mentioned Xbox Scorpio during a Reddit AMA. "MS is getting their sh** together. They're putting it in a backpack or in a shit museum and getting it alllll together," Bleszinski said. "Scorpio is promising. MS bet on Kinect too hard last round. Don't rule out an Xbox version [of LawBreakers], btw." Who knows? Maybe we'll see Lawbreakers revealed for Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio during E3.


This article may contain links to online retail stores. If you click on one and buy the product we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.Madden 18 is Once Again Kicking Improvements to Connected Franchise Mode Down the Road |


So here's some good news for Madden fans: Madden 18 is looking great from a gameplay standpoint, and Longshot has been getting a lot of positive buzz. The bad news: Career mode fans are likely to be disappointed as Madden's devs once again kick the proverbial can down the road.EA didn't go into too much detail during E3 on what they call Connected Franchise Mode or "


CFM," but it was apparent that their focus is mostly on the transition to Frostbite and the development of their story mode. The biggest update fans can expect is a draft board—a new feature that will let online league players set Buy OSRS Gold their preferred player if they can't make it to the draft. Otherwise there will be the usual tweaks, but not too much else.Madden 18's career mode is in some ways quite confounding.


It has received a number of smart updates, but has otherwise remained fundamentally the same since at least 2013's Madden 25.

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