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I doubt if many women on poe currency

Equally, to disparage the victory tour leaves the women in poe currency Catch-22. If they don't win the World Cup, then no victory tour and no money; if they do win the World Cup then the 'only' reason they are profitable is because they won the World Cup and got to go on a victory tour. As if that was some shady trick they pulled, rather than an outstanding achievement. And who cares what the average gates are?

If the women played more games, they generated more revenue. Whether they did it by playing extra matches is irrelevant.Be honest, women's football is rubbish. It's all about having a football brain and making football decisions, and we women just don't have it. We have the technical ability but no idea when and how to play the correct pass at the right time. It's just not there.

Wendy B, Nottingham.I doubt if many women on here will agree with you; not to mention every scientist.If you feel that strongly why wait so long to write about it? It seems you are jumping on the bandwagon due to the popularity of women's sport these days. Robbie Murphy.

Dublin.…or news of the lawsuit broke last week, and I wrote a column on the back of that. Your call.In the context of the world game women's football is irrelevant. Steve, Idaho.Hardly, Steve. I'd say the growth of women's football is one of the most important changes in modern sport, and as it improves and becomes more technically refined with time, who knows where or how that will end? Much like this column. And now some barbershop to cheap poe currency play out.

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