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Pillault is now 25, a (relatively) free man

Pillault is now 25, a (relatively) free man, and remaining with OSRS gold his mom once again. He is learning to drive. He intends to begin college this year, which he hopes will help him locate a career in the audio industry. And yes, he's still OSRS gold playing Runescape (now Old School Runescape).

"I want to keep on attending AA and NA meetings and be sure that I never get back where I had been, because the clarity which I managed to discover through meditation and introspection during my time incarcerated has given me an entirely new perspective in life," Pillault says. "I'm not 100 percent positive regarding the longer-term wants, but liberty is at the core of these, since I would hazard a a lot of bonus guess that I appreciate it more than the typical American 20-something."

RuneScape Classic closes the doors after 17 Decades

Jagex sets the hook to the door for RuneScape Classic - 17 years following the game's launch. It announced the programmer this week.

In an open letter on their web pages more benefit, Jagex explained that the decision to shut down the game was deleted was not easy. Since the programmer no longer has the right tools to Be Certain the experience is secure for Everybody, the staff believed that it had been the only safe way out:

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