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Rainbow Six Siege is one of my favorite competitive shooters

Rainbow Six Siege is one of my favorite R6 Items competitive shooters.

There's something about the deliberate, strategic rate.

If you hear footsteps over as a few dust poofs from the ceiling, take into the creaking wood and you may just score a kill. Want to breach a space? Forget the door -- use that window right there, or simply make a new one. In fact, Siege even gives you methods of clearing a room without entering.

The physical destruction in the core of Siege lets you rip its levels aside, break the rules, and come in from any angle. It makes the game best products feel inconsistent, and also the reality you only live once makes this unpredictability stressed and exciting.

From the sound cues to how blood spatter will help you zone on a shooter's direction -- everything feels like it's been built to help you read the battle, to pull you to the match. It's just a shame there's 1 thing that keeps pulling me out: the gamers.


You can buy R6 credits packs ingame for PC and consoles or through https://www.mmogo.com/R6/Credits.html.

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