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Platini in 2011'The office of the attorney general of Switzerland required the mutual legal assistance of the French judicial authorities in connection with the FUT Coins criminal proceedings against Mr Joseph Blatter,' a statement on Wednesday read.'Pursuant to that request for mutual legal assistance.

January 14, 2016 and in close coordination with the office of the attorney general of Switzerland, the French Financial Prosecution Office proceeded (on Tuesday) to a search of the offices of the French Football Federation (FFF) in Paris with the latter's consent. The office of the attorney general of Switzerland (OAG) was present during the search.

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Share this article Share 'Documents were seized in Buy FIFA Coins connection with the suspected payment of Swiss francs two million that is inter alia the subject of the proceedings.'The office of the attorney general of Switzerland thanks the French judicial authorities for their valuable support in this matter.' The office of the Swiss attorney general said the FFF consented to the search, which took place on

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