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So why isn't that the Madden 18 Coins

So why isn't that the system's swansong? Well, a couple of months before Magic Knight Rayearth hit the streets, Deep Fear was Madden 18 Coins released in both Europe and Japan. It was a fairly decent underwater survival horror game that, more importantly, was an all-new, original title. So rather than an English language version of a 1995 release taking the credit for being the Saturn's swansong, I think Deep fear should get the nod. N64Swansong Game.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2002)It's a double Tony Hawk swansong whammy for the N64. The fifth generation system was launched in 1996 and saw in the next century, but didn't last much longer.In Europe, it lasted a surprisingly short five years before it looked death - and its final game - in the face. And wearing a black hoodie and wielding a scythe was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, a game that spawned a hugely successful franchise before it succumbed to diminishing returns.


Over here, the N64 soldiered on for another year before it was visited by a video gaming grim reaper who looked almost exactly the Buy Madden Mobile Coins same, but perhaps marginally better than its European counterpart - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. PlayStationSwansong Game: FIFA Football 2005 (2004).


If I were an annoying nerd with a high-pitched voice and acne, not only would I be an arcane stereotype, I'd also be saying something along the lines of "the very last game to appear on Sony's inaugural system was Dewprism in 2007."

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