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There was a well-established British

There was a well-established British community in Argentina by the 1860s, with many RS gold coming to work on the railways - owned by Britain - that were operated in the South American country.As the British had a habit of doing everywhere else in the world, they brought their sports with them.


Though cricket does not seem to have appealed to the Argentine heart, many pastimes did - including rugby, horse riding, tennis and, of course, football.


In 1867 Thomas and James Hogg established the Buenos Aires Football Club, which was allowed to play on the cricket field used by the Buenos Aires Cricket Club.In the 1880s, a Glaswegian schoolteacher named Alexander Watson Hutton began teaching football at St Andrew's School in Buenos Aires.Known as the father of Argentine football, in 1884 he founded the more Buenos Aires English High School and persisted in teaching the ways of the kicking game.


Later, in 1891, the Association Argentine Football League was established by Alex Lamont - and it was only a matter of time before other arrivals in the country, particularly the Italians, became hooked. Real Madrid edge All-Stars to salvage disappointing tour | Daily Mail Online.

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