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By Edward McAllisterMONROVIA, Dec 28 (Reuters) - Backers of FIFA Mobile Coins soccer star George Weah said on Thursday he was poised to declare victory in Liberia's presidential election after their data showed him winning more than 60 percent of the vote - an assertion dismissed by his rival.Electoral authorities did not confirm the figures from Weah's campaign team. 




Weah's opponent, Vice President Joseph Boakai, told Reuters he had not seen any vote counts and was optimistic he would win.Unofficial tallies by media outlets have consistently shown Weah, a former AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain player, ahead in the second round run-off vote, which is meant to herald the first democratic transition of power since 1944.Liberia's election commission (NEC) said it would announce preliminary results later on Thursday, though the process has been beset by delays.




The U.S.-based Carter Center said there were "notable improvements" in the handling of Tuesday's vote from the first round in October, echoing positive assessments from other international observers."We are very confident. We have not heard from Mr. Boakai but we anticipate a call at some point," the secretary-general of Weah's campaign.




Janga Kowo, told Reuters.Kowo said his team's figures were based on nearly 60 percent of ballots cast and showed him ahead in 14 out of Cheap Fut 19 Coins Liberia's 15 counties.In an interview in the courtyard of his home on the outskirts of the capital Monrovia, Boakai said he thought he would win."I don't have a sense of losing the election," he said."

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